100 Worst Dog Breeders in The United States of America

A Horrible Hundred

Selected Puppy Mills in the United States

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This is a partial list of problem puppy mills,not a list of all puppy mills. Numbers are for reference purposes and are not a ranking by severity. See the full report.

The facilities listed in the report were selected based upon a number of factors, including, but not limited to,the number and severity of state and/or federal animal welfare violations (available via public records), HSUS research and investigations, and whether or not the facility was believed to be in business at the time of publication.



1. Barbara Gullett/Gullett Kennel – Russellville, AR:

Dog died after tied to pickup truck


2. Tanni Morris/Tanni’s Precious Paws–

Charleston, AR: Dogs with open and bloody

lesions and an overpowering stench


3. Gerald Watts– Marshall, AR: Repeated failure to

provide veterinary care


4. Sarah Young/Cedar Springs Kennel– Hardy, AR:

Dead and dismembered puppies



5. Jenny Um/Best Kennel– Littlerock, CA: Not the




6. Kathryn Barber/K-Bar Kennels–Patterson, GA:

Dying puppies sold at flea market


7. Philip Chupp/Oak Valley Kennel– McLeansboro,

IL: Dogs matted from head to toe

8. Tammy Coglainese/Puppy Parlor (aka Poochie

Puppy Parlor) – Lisle, IL: Pet store with a puppy

mill on the side; dogs found crammed into

stacked wire cages


9. Marlin Bontrager– Rome City, IN: “Prolonged

suffering” in weak puppy

10. Elam Fisher/Morgan Creek Kennel–

Williamsburg, IN: Dogs with swellings and


11. Kathryn and Vernon Lambright/Clearspring

Kennels–Wolcottville, IN: Oozing neck wound

went unnoticed

12. Elmer Lapp/Pine Hill Kennel– Hagerstown IN:

Bloody puppies and wormy food

13. Steven Lapp– Modoc, IN: Kennel “Overrun with

mice”; cutting off puppies’ tails

14. Larry Miller/Railside Canine– Millersburg, IN:

Blind puppy with “scratches and wounds all over

its head” and puppy with missing eye


15. David and Joane Cline – Sully, IA: Received

official USDA warning

16. Doug and Wendie Dettbarn/Purple Heart

Kennel– Strawberry Point, IA: Dogs in need of vet

care, including one with a “mass the size of a

baseball” per USDA

17. Gary Felts/Black Diamond Kennel – Kingsley, IA:

Fined $18,000 by USDA

18. Connie and Harold Johnson/CW’s Quaint

Critters– Melvin, IA: Sick dogs, repeat violations

19. Kenneth and Leatrice McGuire– North English,

IA: No vet visit for almost three years

20. Debra Pratt– New Sharon, IA- Dogs with bulging

eyes; one dog’s head covered in scabs

21. Lennie and Lonnie Rumley/Tripple [sic] L

Kennels– Leon, IA: Flies and filthy conditions

22. Linda Thorpe/Sky Blue Ranch, Inc. –Winterset,

IA: Dog found dead in her cage



23. Larry and Yvette Bolz/B & S Kennels– Olpe, KS:

Very sick puppy not taken to a vet all week

24. Marla and Roger Campbell– Newton, KS: “Very

thin” mother dogs and filthy conditions per USDA

25. Kathy and William Clarke/Clarke’s Hillside

Kennel– Yates Center, KS: Had dogs put down

rather than provide treatment

26. Tim Deters–Baileyville, KS –Dogs with bloody and

swollen paws standing on wire flooring

27. Dianne Dick/Puppie [sic] Trails Kennels–

Rossville, KS: “Emaciated” and sickly dogs

28. Justin and LaNae Jackson/Jackson Kennels–

Clifton, KS: More than 600 dogs

29. Darlene and Charlene Koster/Rainbow Ranch

Kennel–Minneapolis, KS: Received official

warning from USDA for animal welfare violations

30. Keith and Lila Ratzlaff – Canton, KS: “Extremely

thirsty” dogs without water in 90+ degrees

31. Audrey Rottinghaus/Wendy Pets–Seneca, KS:

Dog’s head trapped in broken cage

32. Krystal and Sandra Rottinghaus–Seneca, KS:

Repeat violations for emaciated and limping dogs

33. Helen Shelly/ Shadyhill Kennel – Hiawatha, KS:

Multiple dogs in need of veterinary care


34. Carole and Larry Harries/Harries K-9 Ranch–

Alpha, MN : Rodent droppings throughout

facility; repeatedly lacking in proper vet care

35. Ted Johnson/Funtime Kennels–Windom, MN:

Urine fumes strong enough to “make the

inspector’s eyes burn” per USDA

36. Wanda Kretzman / Clearwater Kennel Inc. –

Cushing, MN: 1,100+ Dogs in wire cages; beetles

crawling in food; urine fumes that “burned the


37. John and Lyle Renner/ Renner’s Kennel–Detroit

Lakes, MN: Fined $5,286 for USDA violations



38. Pamela Baldwin/Samples Creek Kennel–Edgar

Springs, MO: “Excessively thin” dogs with ribs


39. Edward Cannon/E. Cannon Kennels–Novinger,

MO: Both a puppy mill and a kitten mill?

40. Tina Carr/Simply Puppies–Hannibal, MO: Dead

dog found outside in the bitter cold

41. Brandi Cheney/Circle B Farms, LLC – Huntsville,

MO: Still licensed by USDA after being involved

with previously shuttered kennel

42. Kimberly Coleman/TLC’s Kennel–Clinton, MO:

Fined $8,250 by USDA

43. Lou Cox/Lou’s Country Kennel–Chillicothe, MO:

Dogs with ribs protruding; animals outside in 23-

degree weather

44. Marsha Cox/Mar-Don Kennel–Chillicothe, MO:

Surfaces covered in feces; dogs in below-freezing


45. Kenneth Dake/Dake’s Kennel–Dixon, MO:

Accumulations of trash and waste, dogs in the


46. LeRoy Detweiler/Sunset Ridge Kennel–

Princeton, MO: “Thin and listless” dog died of

sepsis; dogs exposed to heat index over 114

47. Miriam and Neal Feldkamp–Lewistown, MO:

Injured dogs in need of vet care; puppies coated

in grime

48. Mary Foster and Cathy Griesbauer/Country

Pets–Montgomery City, MO: Extremely thin dog

and reports of sick puppies; Griesbauer was head

of professional pet association

49. Rhonda Gear/Country Babies–Galt, MO: Dogs

without shelter in 20 degree temperatures,

buildings not cleaned in months

50. Beverly Hargis/Hargis’ Sunshines Kennel–

Hallsville, MO: Injured and limping dogs

51. Renee Horton/Horton Kennel–Curryville, MO:

Dogs walking in diarrhea

52. Wilma Jinson/Jinson Kennel–Stella, MO:

“Obvious veterinary care problems,” per USDA

53. Wendy Laymon/Shadow Mountain Kennel–

Rogersville, MO: Banned from USDA, yet still

licensed in Missouri after many state violations

54. Rose Marlow/Pet Degree Ranch–Wellsville, MO:

Received official warning for violating animal

welfare act

55. Tom Nelson/Oak Ridge Pets–Macon, MO: Dogs

with fresh bite wounds

56. Joe Overlease/C & J’s Cockers–Miller, MO:

Multiple consumer complaints and state


57. Valente Rios/Rios Kennel–Galt, MO: Dogs in

complete darkness; failure to obtain vet care

58. Donald Schrage/Rabbit Ridge Kennel–Edina,

MO: Starving dogs, open wounds, performed

surgery on puppy without proper sanitation

59. Amos Schwartz–Princeton, MO: Dogs shivering in

the cold, underweight dogs and open wounds

60. Kaye and William Waddell– Montgomery City,

MO: Dog with ulcerated mass went untreated for

four months, then euthanized

61. Joyce Young/Young’s Ozark Kennel– Pottersville,

MO: Puppies with their feet falling through wire

floors; thin dogs; dirty food and water


62. Barbara Crick/Cricks Kennels –Burwell, NE: Shot

a golden retriever in the head

63. Linda Hager– Crab Orchard, NE: “Not home” six

times in a row when inspectors came; two dogs

so sick they had to be euthanized

64. Janice and Steph McCutcheon, and Krystal

Wulf– Guide Rock NE: Dead mice in puppy room



65. Clara and Dan Byler/Byler’s Kennel– Troupsburg,

NY: Dogs found in the cold without food/ water

66. Rebecca Graber– Waterloo, NY: Dogs with “raw

and bloody” wounds

67. Raymond Hoover/Double R Kennel– Dundee,

NY: Cutting off puppies’ tails

68. Alvin Shirk/A & L Kennels– Dundee, NY:

Emaciated and wounded dogs

69. Aaron Zimmerman– Dundee, NY: Urine fumes so

strong they hurt inspectors’ eyes

70. Nathan Zimmerman– Penn Yan, NY: Repeatedly

keeping puppies on dangerous wire floors


71. Roger and Marilyn Hall/Royal Acres Kennel–

Magnolia, NC – 58 suffering dogs removed in

February 2013

72. Joe and Cynthia Williams/NC Great Danes, aka

Promise [sic] Land Danes– Wilson, NC: Big dogs,

little food


73. Harvey Burkholder/H & A Kennels– Shiloh, OH:

Sale of underage puppies, dogs needing vet care

74. Tom Coleman/Lone Oak Kennel– Danville, OH:

Dogs found dead in kennel; violated a ga

quarantine for contagious disease

75. Vicky Galle/Purrfect Endings Farms– Mt Vernon,

OH: Not a “purrfect” ending for dead dog found

in kennel

76. Lanzie “Junior” Horton– Millersburg, OH: Shut

down and convicted of animal cruelty in VA, then

moved his kennel to Ohio

77. Isaac Martin– Shiloh, OH: USDA inspector noted

“this dog is suffering”

78. Dan Mast/Pine Grove Kennel– Millersburg, OH:

Six years in a row of veterinary care deficiencies

79. David Miller/Clear Springs Kennel– Millersburg,

OH: Sick and injured dogs

80. Ervin Raber/Golden View Kennels– Baltic, OH:

“Potentially devastating” zoonotic disease; sick

and injured dogs

81. Jonas Raber/Sunset Kennels– Millersburg, OH:

Chose to euthanize 5 dogs rather than provide

treatment; dogs found with ulcerations and


82. Daniel Schlabach/Evergreen Designer LLC–

Charm, OH: Too many violations? Just get a new


83. Wayne Troyer– Sugarcreek OH: Dog named Judy

shot in the head

84. Abe Yoder/YLA Kennels– Baltic OH: Poodle with

a broken jaw is left to suffer

85. Jacob Yoder/Jay Kennels– Millersburg, OH:

Death of puppy stuck in wire flooring

86. Owen Yoder– Millersburg, OH: Continued to

violate the welfare act standards despite official


87. Roman Yoder– Baltic, OH: Dying puppy denied

veterinary care


88. Clarence Anderson– Locust Grove, OK: Dog’s

wound “deep enough to expose the tendons” per

USDA inspector

89. Becky and Guy Franks/First Class Puppies–

Antlers, OK: No dry place to stand

90. Shirley Machin– Ada, OK: Beagle with torn and

mangled face “had to have been in pain and

suffering” per USDA inspector

91. Connie and Jimmy Jr. West/West’s Kennel–

Strang, OK: Puppies walking in feces


92. Henry and Nancy Swarey/BowWow Hollow

Pets– Mifflintown, PA: Consumer complaints

93. Marlin Zimmerman/Turkey Hill– East Earl, PA:

Dogs living in darkness; state violations



94. Robert Engbrecht/Dakota Kennel– Marion, SD:

Violations at last six inspections; dogs in the cold

95. Gary Scheetz/Lakeview Kennels, Inc. – Parkston,

SD: Dogs without water, refusing inspections



96. Melva Langford– Whitewright, TX: Dogs smeared

with feces

97. Pam Sims/Pam’s Cockers and Schnauzers–

Winnsboro, TX: USDA revoked her license but

she’s still selling online



98. West Virginia Puppy –Martinsburg, WV:

Unlicensed breeders?



99. Gerald Schulz /Pretty Penny Kennel – Plymouth,

WI: Years of complaints



100. Sharon Curless/Ruff Pine Kennel– Pine Bluffs,

WY: Dogs died without adequate veterinary


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